Kit Homes New to Perth

They're not quite the prefab, kit or modular home you're used to!
October 20, 2016

Have you been researching Prefabricated Homes, Kit Homes or Modular Homes and thought many resemble a tin shed, granny flat or the old mining donga?

Well things have changed! Systems have been simplified, their technology advanced and made more readily available. These homes are now more architectural in their design, more efficient in their build, more comfortable in their use and cheaper to run.

There are several misconceptions hanging around in regards to Prefabricated, Modular and Kit Homes.

General misconceptions

In Western Australia in particular, the old mining donga - right up to prefabricated and sometimes unsightly villages, have cast a negative perception.

However, the speed and benefits that accompany these forms of construction are causing a retake on what is we've previously experienced and where the housing industry is now placing it's focus.

They look like sheds or cubby houses

It’s easy to get confused between factory designed transportable homes and those designed modular for the purpose of living and fitting within a traditional residential area. We can now craft homes from a palette of materials common to truly architectural homes, homes that no longer sit to a rectangle but morph to take advantage of the site, aspect, views and function.

Homes that arrive in parts are poor quality

Homes to be built much the same as a kit home, arriving ready to erect are now the exact opposite. The components that make up the home are precision engineered so their erection is fast and accurate. 

Our own SipForm panels are built to precision with quality materials backed by the reputation of the industry's biggest suppliers such as James Hardie and Weathertex

Kit homes are shipped from China

This is unfortunately true of many suppliers in the Western Australian market. Given the demand in Australia for quality, and the expectation that all are constructed, plumbed and most importantly "wired" to Australian Standards this is somewhat disconcerting.

SipForm products are fabricated right here in Malaga, Western Australia and tight to the Australian Standards. Australian Workplace Health and Safety Standards are observed and the materials that make up our manufacture are whenever possible - sourced locally.

What is a Modular or Kit Home?

What the differences might be greater, in simple terms; fabrication of a home's major components offsite - precision components are formed in the factory, delivered to site and installed fast.

In the case of SipForm products such as the floor, wall and roof panels; each are precision engineered and made ready for installation offsite. When delivered to site they are installed quickly to form the envelope of the home - this means the home gets to lock-up FAST!!

For the Builder, their clients see impressive results and significant progress on their home early in the build. For the Owner Builder, they get a weather protected shell installed quickly so they can work on finalising at their leisure. As SipForm supply and install there area significant dividends for both; progress claims are more heavily levied earlier in the build, whilst the owner builder saves themselves from any often troublesome structural works.

Kit Homes Perth

Homes built using this method often prove a 20-30% cost reduction over conventional methods due in part to the interest savings from the speed in delivery of the final home. Think about how much interest you'd normally pay just watching each individual brick being laid.

And remember despite these time and money savings, your home is more energy efficient saving more dollars in the longer term. Oh and then there are those other things - storm resistance, bush fire resistance and termite resistance and significantly less site disturbance.

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